So heres the deal. In order to stay on schedule and have the DVD’s available February 1, I have to have the final cut of SPRAY complete tomorrow. We’re pretty much done, just tweaking things and making minor adjustments. Tomorrow, the film will be sent off to be encoded for DVD. Then Monday, the master will have to be shipped to out replicators for mass production. I’m really psyched on the film! It’s gonna be a long night with lots of coffee tonight.

We just got the posters and postcards back from the printer, so you’ll start seeing promotion at gyms and everywhere else. Be sure to check out the next issue of Urban Climber Magazine too. It will include a 6 page feature on SPRAY.

That’s a little look behind the scenes of making a climbing film. Post production is a long process but finishing the project is a rewarding feeling. After this is all behind be, I’ll be posting more. Stay tuned for tour info!