The first two premiers of Spray were a huge success. It all kicked off in Boulder, Co. Joe Kinder flew out to join me on the first leg of the tour. When we arrived in Boulder, it started dumping snow. We probably got 4 inches in an hour, right before the show. That sucked! But then it stopped completely right when the doors were scheduled to open. People were lining up at the door. It was great to see the Boulder climbing community come together and get psyched!

After giving away a ton og gear from Smartwool, Evolv, Timberland, and Urban Climber, we started the show! Everythign was going great until the projector decided to shut off 45 min into the show!! This ended up serving as an intermission and the movie continued several minutes later. Afterwords, everyone joined us for the Access Fund Afterparty at Bacaro!

Day 2 – We flew to San Fran for the second showing. This was a new thing for BS Productions, as we had never done a premier outside of the Boulder/Salt Lake area. After spending the day cruising around town checking out the sites, we headed to the theater. The Victoria Theatre is the oldest theatre in San Fran and was celebrating their 100th year in business! Their projector was awesome and looked super clear, unlike the Boulder Theater’s projector which sucked! It was cool showing the film in San Fran, which is essentially the setting of the entire film. People seemed stoked on how we portrayed their local gems in the movie!

Next stop – Salt Lake City. The Tower Theater. February 13, 7:00pm