There is a new installation at the Denver Botanical Gardens called Urban Nature and I got a chance to check it out last night with Lindsey. There are cool graffiti pieces scattered throughout the garden, which made for a cool mix of art and nature. It was a great way to spend the sunny afternoon outside.

Since these plans were made spontaneously, I forgot to bring my camera. But Lindsey saved the day with the Iphone, allowing me to share the experience with all you readers. Check out the photos and if you are in the Denver area with some free time, check out the gardens…

This weekend, I will be heading to Vail to shoot the Teva Mountain Games for Urban Climber Magazine. They will be hosting the first climbing World Cup competition in the United States in nearly 20 years! I am psyched to be there to document this. Some of the worlds best climbers will be in attendance, including Chris Sharma, Christian Core, and David Lama. Stay tuned for some photos and a recap of the event!