We just wrapped up shooting Ethan Pringle’s segment of The Players here in Colorado! Over the last month, Ethan tore through Colorado sending all the hard trad lines in his sights. We were there to shoot him on The Iron Monkey, 5 Year Plan, China Doll, and the Orangatan Overhang. I am really psyched to have the opportunity to showcase all these amazing trad lines in our new film!


We went out to the Orangatan Overhang on Ethan’s way to SLC, after he had actually first sent the route. This was the last route we were going to film and would round out the colection of routes we would feature in his segment of the movie. After climbing the crux about 8 times for photos, we started rolling our video cameras. It was the end of the day and Ethan was obviously exausted, but he managed to pull through and send the route again! Ethan seems to be stronger than ever and we’re looking forward to seeing what else he is able to accomplish this year!


The Players will be released on DVD in May and will be featured in a big film tour with several other producers this spring. More on this coming soon!