I was psyched to partner with Evolve for the release of The Players. They have always been enthusiastic supporters of my work, so it was great to have them on board for this project.  Evolve has an innovative new product called Evolve XY and they were psyched to launch it with The Players. XY is basically Evolve’s customized shoe.  You can go to their website and design YOUR shoe from scratch. Select the colors for the upper, tounge, straps, logos, and mbroidery.  You can also customize the performance of the shoe.  Choose the heal and toe rand design you perfer, as well as the midsole and stiffness. Since Evolve is the only climbing shoe produced in the US, they’re able to make this happen! We put together this short commercial for XY, check it out! And be sure to STYLIZE YOUR SENDS!

Vodpod videos no longer available.