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This summer, Lindsey and I have been going to a lot of art shows and galleries. We’ve seen some great work and some not so great. Either way, its motivated me to start up a fun new division of my business called BS Limited.

I’m not looking to make a career out of fine art photography, just trying to have some fun and get my work out to the public!. The commercial and editorial world is where I will be focusing the majority of my attention. I love working directly with other creative people to create unique brand based imagery.

In the next month or so, I will be launching BS Limited. I’ll be putting together a selection of images that will be available as limited edition prints in all sizes. Each image will have an edition limited to 50 prints, so the art will be unique and special!  Stay tuned for more info as I start to get things rolling, I’m psyched!

I have returned from Hawaii and am now tan, engaged, and very relaxed. It feels awesome! I am trying to get caught up with all the work that pilled up while I was away, so I’ve been stuck behind a computer for the last few days. At least I have some sick trips to look forward to. Skiing in Chile. Climbing in Vietnam!

While in Hawaii, Lindsey and I got a chance to check out some really cool galleries in Lahaina. One of the most memorable was the paintings of Christial Lassen. I was not familiar with his work until seeing it in person in Hawaii. It blew me away! Very photo realistic, surreal, fantasy paintings.

To make this experience even cooler, Lassen was opening a new gallery right down the street this night and he was in person for the opening. We headed over to check it out. He’s lived in Hawaii his whole life and said his inspiration comes form his experiences living in Hawaii. Hawaii is a magical place, so I can definitely see how he is able to pre-visualize his work.

There is a new installation at the Denver Botanical Gardens called Urban Nature and I got a chance to check it out last night with Lindsey. There are cool graffiti pieces scattered throughout the garden, which made for a cool mix of art and nature. It was a great way to spend the sunny afternoon outside.

Since these plans were made spontaneously, I forgot to bring my camera. But Lindsey saved the day with the Iphone, allowing me to share the experience with all you readers. Check out the photos and if you are in the Denver area with some free time, check out the gardens…

This weekend, I will be heading to Vail to shoot the Teva Mountain Games for Urban Climber Magazine. They will be hosting the first climbing World Cup competition in the United States in nearly 20 years! I am psyched to be there to document this. Some of the worlds best climbers will be in attendance, including Chris Sharma, Christian Core, and David Lama. Stay tuned for some photos and a recap of the event!

I’ve been following fashion photographer and star of America’s Next Top Model, Nigel Barker’s blog lately. He is working with the Humane Society of America as the spokesperson for the Protect the Seals campaign. Its pretty sad what people are doing to these animals, all for the sake of making a fashion statement. On our recent shoot in Aspen, we saw a great deal of furs. In my opinion, the sale of animal fur should not be legal. Check out Nigel’s video and you’re sure to agree with me. Please click HERE and do your part in Protecting the Seals…

Nigel Barker - Seal

I’ve been working with two Denver based Hip Hop artists recently. K-Nutty and QZ are new to the hiphop scene but have a ton of talent. Their music is a nice mix of rap and R&B. As emmerging artists, they are in the process of pitching themselves to several record companies. My job is to make sure they bring their A-game and present themselves in a professional way. In addition to the music video, we’ve been shooting promotional photos. Its been a great change of pace creatively. I think that once you stop progressing as an artist, you stop being an artist. We should be wrapping up shooting for the music vid this weekend, then we’ll probably have another week of editing to polish things up. I’ll be sure to post the video on here when its complete!

K-Nutty and QZ