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Our Vietnam trip is a wrap! I am currently at the Hanoi airport waiting to start the trip home to the US. Despite pirates in the bay and two typhoons, we managed to get some great climbing in. I am psyched to show off the footage in our new movie The Players. We also shot photos for an upcoming story about Vietnam Deep Water Soloing in Climbing Magazine. Ha Long Bay is a special place. More photos and stories coming soon…

Big thanks to our friends at Slopony Adventures! They hooked it up and showed us the best Ha Long Bay had to offer. We couldn’t have done it without them. If you are planning a trip out here, definitely connect with these guys. If you don’t, you’re totally blowing it!

Also, thanks to the whole crew. Chris Lindner, Joe Brooks, Erik from Slopony, our Captain, and all the Vietnamese people that have helped us out along the way!

Keeping with the times, a few mags that I work with have launched Wallpaper sections on their webpage. All the trends seem to be pointing to digital media as future of publishing. Runners World and Urban Climber Magazine have used my images as downloadable desktops. Check them out! If you’d like to download the full desktop, click the links above.

This week, I’m going to serve up several images as the Photo of the Week! We’re in Chile, having a great trip. Right now, its dumping, so tomorrow should be an amazing day. The lifts are closed today because its just too windy and there is zero viability. Its given me a chance to check out the hot ub and get caught up on some emailing.

We spent a day in Santiago, because the road up to Portillo was closed when we first arrived. I had wanted to check out the city so this ended up being a pretty cool day. The city is HUGE. Definitely the biggest city I have ever seen. Another thing I noticed was the amount of wild/stray dogs. They were everywhere. And really smart for the most part. They would walk on the sidewalk and obey traffic. Although the occasional dog would try and attack a taxi. We asked a local about this and he said the ASPCA will not allow anything to be done to the dogs. They do, however, give them all rabies shots, then let them do their thing. While driving to the hotel from the airport, I saw a pack of about 20 wild dogs!

The following day, we took a 2 hour bus up into the Andes. It was a beautiful drive and we got to see some of the aazing countryside Chile has to offer.

Finally, we arrived to Portillo! I immediately put my skis on and hit the slopes. The setting is amazing, although the terrain is a bit limited. Its not nearly as big as some of the resorts we have in Colorado. But some of the runs are the best I’ve ever experienced. I skied fresh tracks all day! Its dumping right now, so tomorrow should be another great powder day, I can’t wait!!!

I had planned to go climbing at Rocky Mountain National Park today, but I tweaked my knee a little bit 2 days ago at the climbing gym. So I am resting and letting it heal 100%. Today I set up a little studio shoot with my dogs. Lindsey and I always joke that it’s Kodak’s dream to be on the cover of a dog magazine, since he’s always such a good model. Roxy, on the other hand, never cooperates. Its pretty much impossible to get her to stand still! Here’s a shot that I am really psyched on!

In two weeks, I am heading down to Chile for a ski trip with my dad. Then I fly straight to Salt Lake City for the Outdoor Retailer Trade Show and to shoot the big climbing comp they have every year. In September, I am going to begin production of our new movie called The Players. The first trip will be to Vietnam with Chris Lindner. So don’t worry, there’s going to be a lot more action sports content on this blog soon…

This is a photo of me from about 4 years ago, climbing Blocage Violent (7b+) in Ceuse, France. In my opinion, this is one of the best routes in the world. Definitely the best that I’ve climbed. Of course, I still have quite a bit of traveling to do before I can really be sure, but for now, its at the top of my list! Perfect blue streaks, slightly run out, and on the most amazing sport climbing cliff in the world! I can’t wait to make a trip back. The photo was taken by my good friend Chris Sierzant, who will be on the next Urban Climber cover (more on this coming soon).

Brian Solano, Blocage Violent, Ceuse, France