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As most of you know, I spent a few weeks in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam last month with good friends Chris Lindner and Joe Brooks. We were exploring the bay for new rock to climb, shooting photos for a Climbing Magazine story, and filming for my new film The Players. I havne’t been able to share any of the good photos, as we have to keep them fresh and special for the magazine. Well, Chris has returned from the rest of his extended Asia trip and made a great post on his blog with some photos. Check it out HERE……






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A few months ago, Running Times contacted me to shoot Adriana Pirtea for the cover of their Green Issue. The concept was to capture Adriana’s powerful stride and the natural beauty of Horsetooth Reservoir, Co (her local training ground). I was in Chile at the time and the shoot was scheduled for the day I was to return to Colorado. We handled all the preproduction via email and had everything lined up for my arrival. Adriana was the runner up in the Chicago Marathon in 2007 and has logged marathon times as fast as 2:28! She lives and trains in Ft. Collins, Colorado. Despite running a 30k training run the day before the shoot, Adriana’s energy and enthusiasm made for an awesome shoot! Check out the cover bellow, currently on newsstands! Adriana is currently in Chicago for the Chicago Marathon. Good luck Adriana!!!

UPDATE: Adriana finished 12th at the 08 Chicago Marathon last week!

Our Vietnam trip is a wrap! I am currently at the Hanoi airport waiting to start the trip home to the US. Despite pirates in the bay and two typhoons, we managed to get some great climbing in. I am psyched to show off the footage in our new movie The Players. We also shot photos for an upcoming story about Vietnam Deep Water Soloing in Climbing Magazine. Ha Long Bay is a special place. More photos and stories coming soon…

Big thanks to our friends at Slopony Adventures! They hooked it up and showed us the best Ha Long Bay had to offer. We couldn’t have done it without them. If you are planning a trip out here, definitely connect with these guys. If you don’t, you’re totally blowing it!

Also, thanks to the whole crew. Chris Lindner, Joe Brooks, Erik from Slopony, our Captain, and all the Vietnamese people that have helped us out along the way!

I had a long layover in Taipei last night, so I got to spend the night in the city. I didn’t do much exploring, as I was exhausted from the days travel. I did get to snap some pics. It was a completely foreign world to me. But the 7-11 on the corner did take American dollars, which bought be breakfast! When traveling, familiar faces always make you feel a little more comfortable. Ahh, Starbucks…

I am in Vietnam now. Just met up with Chris and Joe. Updates coming soon….

Well the time has come. We’ve been planning this trip for several months now and tomorrow I take off for Ha Long Bay, Vietnam! The long trip there goes from Denver to LA to Taipei, to Hanoi, to Ha Long Bay! The boys at Slo Pony Adventures are going to be taking us on a deep water soloing, sport climbing, and bouldering adventure through this amazing country. I’ll be traveling with Chris Lindner and Joe Brooks, who are already over there scouting some things out.

This trip isn’t all play though. We will be shooting a story for Climbing Magazine and I’ll be shooting the first segment for my new film, The Players. We’ve been doing a lot of pre-production for The Players, but haven’t yet made any public announcments about it. All I can say now is that we’ll be shooting with the players of out sport, those who have been pushing the limits and have made a life of climbing! Pics from vietnam coming as often as I get an internet connection over there….

As the year approaches its end, its time to start shopping for a new wall calendar for 2009. Whether its a gift you request for the holidays, something you buy yourself, or a gift for a friend, the Rock and Ice 2009 Wall Calendar is a great choice. Of course I’m a fan because my photo of Joe Kinder climbing Surf Safari 5.13d at Mickey’s Beach, Ca is featured on the cover! Check it out…

I’ve just started shooting panoramas and I think I’m addicted! Its a really cool technique, which Photoshop really simplifies. By shooting about 15 to 20 frames of a scene, you can then stitch these all together into a super high res file with a unique perspective. Its a look you can’t get with any lens and really captures the power of a grand landscape! I’ll be shooting a few panos everywhere I go for now on, starting a collection! Check out two from Portillo, Chile. The low res images just don’t do them justice…

Keeping with the times, a few mags that I work with have launched Wallpaper sections on their webpage. All the trends seem to be pointing to digital media as future of publishing. Runners World and Urban Climber Magazine have used my images as downloadable desktops. Check them out! If you’d like to download the full desktop, click the links above.

Urban Climber has published the much talked about Chris Sierzant cover story on their new website. You can check it out HERE.