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I have finally launched my new photo portfolio website over at Big thanks to Sander at Digijoi for the site design. Its great to finally showcase my photos in a visually pleasing, large format, and functional site. One great feature is that the images all resize automatically to the size of your window! Check it out, click around, and please let me know what you think!


I’ve just started shooting panoramas and I think I’m addicted! Its a really cool technique, which Photoshop really simplifies. By shooting about 15 to 20 frames of a scene, you can then stitch these all together into a super high res file with a unique perspective. Its a look you can’t get with any lens and really captures the power of a grand landscape! I’ll be shooting a few panos everywhere I go for now on, starting a collection! Check out two from Portillo, Chile. The low res images just don’t do them justice…

I just returned from a week of travel and I’m exhausted. First was 5 days of skiing in Chile. Then I flew straight to SLC for the Outdoor Retailer Trade Show. This was a great trip, as I got to see a lot of friends from around the country that I do not get to see that often. We spent some time at the show meeting with athletes and sponsors, finalizing plans for our next film project. Its all coming together and I can’t wait to share the details here on the blog, stay tuned.

After the trade show, Mike Call and I shot the Mammut Bouldering Championship for Momentum Video Mag. I’m currently working on the highlight reel and it should be live next week. The comp was a huge success, even with rain threatening all night. Chris Sharma pulled it together, flashing problems 1, 2, and 4 for the win. Alex Puccio did the same and took the win in the womens field.

I flew back to Denver the next morning and drove straight to Ft. Collins for a Running Times shoot with Romanian marathoner Adriana Pirtea. The shoot went really well and I’m currently editing the pics. I’ll get some on the blog as soon as I can.

This week, I’m going to serve up several images as the Photo of the Week! We’re in Chile, having a great trip. Right now, its dumping, so tomorrow should be an amazing day. The lifts are closed today because its just too windy and there is zero viability. Its given me a chance to check out the hot ub and get caught up on some emailing.

We spent a day in Santiago, because the road up to Portillo was closed when we first arrived. I had wanted to check out the city so this ended up being a pretty cool day. The city is HUGE. Definitely the biggest city I have ever seen. Another thing I noticed was the amount of wild/stray dogs. They were everywhere. And really smart for the most part. They would walk on the sidewalk and obey traffic. Although the occasional dog would try and attack a taxi. We asked a local about this and he said the ASPCA will not allow anything to be done to the dogs. They do, however, give them all rabies shots, then let them do their thing. While driving to the hotel from the airport, I saw a pack of about 20 wild dogs!

The following day, we took a 2 hour bus up into the Andes. It was a beautiful drive and we got to see some of the aazing countryside Chile has to offer.

Finally, we arrived to Portillo! I immediately put my skis on and hit the slopes. The setting is amazing, although the terrain is a bit limited. Its not nearly as big as some of the resorts we have in Colorado. But some of the runs are the best I’ve ever experienced. I skied fresh tracks all day! Its dumping right now, so tomorrow should be another great powder day, I can’t wait!!!

Right now, I am rocking the free internet at Denver International Airport. I am heading to Portillo, Chile for a week of skiing and shooting stock! Really psyched! Just trying to get a few things taken care of before I leave the country. I’ll definitely be sure to get some photos up here as soon as possible.

Next week, I will be heading from Chile straight to Salt Lake City for the Outdoor Retailer Trade Show. I attend this event twice a year and always look forward to it. Its a great place for me to reconnect with friends and clients I have made all over the country. This summer, I will also be shooting and directing the video production of a series of short highlight reels from the Mammut Bouldering Championship, all exclusively for Momentum Video Mag.

It seems that my recent cover shot of Chris Sierzant on Urban Climber Magazine has began quite a discussion over on Facebook. Check out Urban Climber Mag’s profile on Facebook to read the Note and comments. Some people love it, some people hate it! The fact that people are talking about it means it was a success. there are a lot of climbers out there that are scared of growth, progression, and changes in the sport. Everyone here at BS Productions is all about PROGRESSION! And to get anywhere, we must try new things that may not go over so smoothly. Props to UC for going for it!

Spyder needed to shoot some photos of their 2008 product late in th season. With almost all of the Colorado resorts closed for the season, we were limited to Arapahoe Basin and the backcountry. On day one, we decided to shoot at Loveland Pass. We lapped it several times throughout the day, getting some great action shots in a nice mountain setting.

We chose to shoot at A-basin on day two. There were still about 10 kids outfits to shoot, so this was a great set for the kids to play. Some of them were too young to ski, so we parked the shoot on the little kiddie hill. This turned out to be a great day with a great group of kids. I’d like to thank my assistant Andy, Brady, Grant, Kathy, Jeremy, and all the awesome kids that made these two days of shooting a huge success!

In December, I had the opportunity to work with Spyder Active Sports on a looping video that would play on plasma screens at their SIA tradeshow booth. The whole shoot came together really quickly, in less than a week! I was shooting HD video along side photographer Brian Bailey who was shooting stills. Our focus was on Spyder’s line of 2008 core apparel. Nothing too extreme, but we still had a lot of fun. We shot for 5 days in Aspen with a great crew of models, skiers, and art directors. Check it out…