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I have finally launched my new photo portfolio website over at Big thanks to Sander at Digijoi for the site design. Its great to finally showcase my photos in a visually pleasing, large format, and functional site. One great feature is that the images all resize automatically to the size of your window! Check it out, click around, and please let me know what you think!


I just did a shoot at Keystone Mountain in Colorado with a good friend and pro rider Brodie McNeil. We’ve been planning this shoot for months, but conflicting schedules have made things tough. After finally coordinating with Keystones PR people, Brodie, and myself, we had two days of shooting scheduled. I was psyched!

The day we were set to start shooting, a big spring storm rolled in. We decided to just go for it and hopefully use the weather to make some great images. When we got up to the mountain, we were informed that they were rebuilding the big jumps. Oh well, we’ll just have to be creative and work with what we have. After riding the lift up, we arrive at the park to find out that its closed because there were reports of thunder in the area. I decide that we should head down and shoot some portraits while we wait out the weather…

Brodie McNeil - Snowboarder

After banging out a few portraits, we head back up and get a short break in the weather. Moral of the story is, suffer for it! The snow was dumping and there was practically zero visability, but we pushed forward and got some killer shots!

Brodie McNeil goes big at Keystone, Co