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To stay ahead of the curve and keep our audience psyched with free HD vids, we’ve started an HD Channel over at Vimeo. Check out the BS Productions HD Channel and subscribe to get notified when we add new vids! We’re going to try our best to keep you psyched with a few new vids each month. To kick things off, we’ve brought back the lost Zion vid, featuring Mark Hobson. Enjoy!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Last night, we got our first shipment of Rewind DVD’s. I’m really happy with how they turned out! Thanks again to Matt Moore at MWM Graphics for the awesome design work on the packaging.

Now’s your chance to own all the BS Productions highlights, plus a ton of never before seen footage, all on one DVD.  At this blog only, I will be selling these DVDs as a Pre-Release Special with FREE SHIPPING (US only) for only $14.95. If you live outside the US, you can still order today, but shipping will not be free. The DVD’s will ship right away!!

CLICK HERE to order your copy today, the deal won’t last forever!


Vodpod videos no longer available.

This weekend, we had to change the name of the tour to the Stone Alliance Film Tour.  Turns out John Long and other early Stonemasters are working on a book with the same name, and we see no need to crowd the climbing arena. There’s plenty of creativity to go around.

The Stone Alliance Film Tour represents the spirit of cooperation and mutual respect that climbers have long shared with each other in our love of the natural world and the sport that connects us with it.  The Stone Alliance Film Tour is the cooperative effort of three great directors on three separate films.  We extend an open invitation to climbing filmmakers everywhere in future seasons.

Our premier shows will be held in Boulder, Co and Salt Lake City, Ut on March 11. We have a big schedule of additional shows all around the world to follow. Check for showtimes and ticket info, as new shows are being added daily.


I guess its time to publicly announce a little project I have been working on the last few months. Later this week, I’ll be shipping off the master for a DVD called Rewind. The idea behind this is to flash into the past. I have a ton of old footage that has never found a home, so I thought I might as well put it out there! In addition to all the previously unreleased footage, Rewind will include highlights from all my past films. This DVD is PACKED with climbing. the coolest part about this project is the price. We’ll be selling it for only $14.99. Be sure to ask for it at your local shop in February or order online at We’ll be set up for preorders soon…


I’d like to give props to Matt Moore at for designing the cover art. This project is so different from anything I’ve ever done, I wanted to do the same with the promotion and packaging. Matt killed it!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I have been real busy juggling several projects. There are two DVD projects in the works. One is The Players which is due out in May 09. The other will be released in January, but I am waiting to announce what this is. I’ve also been working hard with Mike Call and Eric Perlman to put together a huge spring film tour called the Stone Alliance Tour. We’re currently lining everything up, but be sure to watch for a show coming to a city near you!

I just got word that our short festival cut from SPRAY was is an “Official Selection” in the 2009 X-Dance Action Sports Film Festival! This is the last festival of the season for SPRAY and I’m proud to say it’s been selected for every festival we’ve entered it into. Pretty awesome being that this was our first year on the festival circuit! Over the past year, we’ve been selected for the Telluride Mountain Film, Taos Mountain Film Festival, Banff Mountain Film Festival, International Climbers Festival, and X-Dance! I’ll definitely be working on something for 09.


Our latest film SPRAY is now on sale for a limited time only. Visit to get your copy for only $20. SPRAY makes a great gift for the holidays and we’ll make sure all domestic orders placed before December 19 get to your door in time for X-mas! Order now, this deal won’t last forever!


As most of you know, I spent a few weeks in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam last month with good friends Chris Lindner and Joe Brooks. We were exploring the bay for new rock to climb, shooting photos for a Climbing Magazine story, and filming for my new film The Players. I havne’t been able to share any of the good photos, as we have to keep them fresh and special for the magazine. Well, Chris has returned from the rest of his extended Asia trip and made a great post on his blog with some photos. Check it out HERE……





We just wrapped up shooting Ethan Pringle’s segment of The Players here in Colorado! Over the last month, Ethan tore through Colorado sending all the hard trad lines in his sights. We were there to shoot him on The Iron Monkey, 5 Year Plan, China Doll, and the Orangatan Overhang. I am really psyched to have the opportunity to showcase all these amazing trad lines in our new film!


We went out to the Orangatan Overhang on Ethan’s way to SLC, after he had actually first sent the route. This was the last route we were going to film and would round out the colection of routes we would feature in his segment of the movie. After climbing the crux about 8 times for photos, we started rolling our video cameras. It was the end of the day and Ethan was obviously exausted, but he managed to pull through and send the route again! Ethan seems to be stronger than ever and we’re looking forward to seeing what else he is able to accomplish this year!


The Players will be released on DVD in May and will be featured in a big film tour with several other producers this spring. More on this coming soon!

Last week, we started shooting Alex Puccio’s segment for The Players. She’s been totally killing it, sending numerous V12’s in Colorado’s front range. One of those happened to be less than 5 minutes from Boulder. Trice is located on Flagstaff Mountain just outside of Boulder. We caught up with Alex last week to film her on the first female ascent of this problem! After a few attempts, she sent, making it look easy! Then, 10 minutes later, she sent it again for our cameras. Sick!

We’ll be filming with Alex over the next few months as she continues to push the limits of women’s bouldering. Look for her segment of The Players, on tour and on DVD this spring!