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This year, we cut a special festival version of our latest release SPRAY. The short version of our film focused on Chris Lindner exploring the northern California coast looking for the next great rock climb. The film climaxes with Chris’ first ascent of Window of Opportunity!

We entered this festival cut into several of the major outdoor/mountain film festivals. These film festivals are great because it gives us an opportunity to share our films with an audience that would not typically see them. Earlier in the year, we were accepted into the Telluride Mountain Film Festival!

Just this weekend, we were featured in the Taos Mountain Film Festival. The ultimate goal was to be selected for the Banf Mountain Film Festival, which is the largest outdoor sports and lifestyle festival in the world! It’s been a goal of mine to be a part of this festival since I started making films 6 years ago! On Friday, I got word that we had been selected to be featured in the 2008 Banff Mountain Film Fest!!! The festival is November 1-9 in Banff, Canada. We unfortunately have obligations here in Colorado and won’t be able to attend, but I am honored and psyched to be a part of such an amazing festival!!!