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I was psyched to partner with Evolve for the release of The Players. They have always been enthusiastic supporters of my work, so it was great to have them on board for this project.  Evolve has an innovative new product called Evolve XY and they were psyched to launch it with The Players. XY is basically Evolve’s customized shoe.  You can go to their website and design YOUR shoe from scratch. Select the colors for the upper, tounge, straps, logos, and mbroidery.  You can also customize the performance of the shoe.  Choose the heal and toe rand design you perfer, as well as the midsole and stiffness. Since Evolve is the only climbing shoe produced in the US, they’re able to make this happen! We put together this short commercial for XY, check it out! And be sure to STYLIZE YOUR SENDS!

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The time has come. The Players is my latest film, featuring all of the major players in American rock climbing. Chris Sharma, Dave Graham, Lisa Rands, Ethan Pringle, Emily Harrington, Daniel Woods, Joe Kinder, Alex Puccio, and Chris Lindner. Last week, I recieved the finished product from the replicator and shipped out all Pre-Orders. Marc Russo did an amazing job with all the packaging art work! What a great feeling to finally hold these DVD’s in my hands after two years of hard work!


To give everyone a better idea of what to expect in the film, I’ll be posting more trip reports, detailed segment stories, and clips in the next few weeks. Thanks again to the film sponsors Evolve, Smith Optics, Deadpoint Mag, The Spot, and Slopony Adventures. If you have not already, check out the trailer below or watch it on Vimeo in HD!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Check out the official trailer to our latest film The Players. Pre-ordering is now setup at Order today and SAVE 20%. We should have DVD’s in hand by May 26thand will be sending out all Pre-Orders first.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

We’re finally taking preorders for The Players over at  Order today and save 20%. All preorders will be the first to ship when we have DVD’s in stock around May 26.


Some of you may have seen a short segment from our new movie The Players during the Stone Alliance Film Tour. I’ve been hard at work fine tuning the full length film. The trailer should be wrapped up and online by Monday! The master should be shipped off to replication by the end of next week. Its all finally coming together and I am psyched to announce the World Premier event!!!

The Players will be the feature presentation at the Dirty South Climbers Film Fest in Atlanta, Ga on May 15th!  This event is a fundraiser to purchase a portion of the cliffline at Steele, Alabama. Come support a good cause and check out our latest climbing film!

Date: Friday, May 15th

Time: 7:00 to 11:00 pm

Location: Wall Crawlers Gym, 1522 DeKalb Ave NE, Atlanta, Ga

Phone: 404-906-0726

Tonight’s the night! We’ll be kicking off the Stone Alliance Film Tour in Boulder, Co and Salt Lake City tonight. If you are nearby, check out the show. You won’t be disappointed. We’re showing 20 min segments from three brand new climbing movies, including Masters of Stone 6, Herakleia, and The Players. Here’s what you can expect from my segment of The Players on the tour…

1. Joe Kinder – Zulu (5.14a) and Kryptonite (5.14d)


2. Emily Harrington – 5.14 sport climbing in China


3. Chris Lindner – Deep Water Soloing in Vietnam


4. Alex Puccio – Trice (V12) on Flagstaff and attempting Slashface (V13) in Hueco


5. Ethan Pringle – Trad Climbing in the Flatirons and The Iron Monkey (5.14) in Eldo


This is just a taste of what you’ll find on the DVD, coming out this May. More climbs, more Players, more action! Additional “Players” you’ll see on the DVD include Dave Graham, Lisa Rands, and Daniel Woods.If you’re not in Boulder or SLC, check out the Stone Alliance Film Tour schedule for a show near you!!!

Now’s your chance to own all the BS Productions highlights, plus a ton of never before seen footage, all on one DVD. Check out the trailer to see all the action that’s included!

At this blog only, I will be selling these DVDs as a Pre-Release Special with FREE SHIPPING (US only) for only $14.95. If you live outside the US, you can still order today, but unfortunately shipping will not be free. The DVD’s will ship right away!!

CLICK HERE to order your copy today, the deal won’t last forever!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I have been real busy juggling several projects. There are two DVD projects in the works. One is The Players which is due out in May 09. The other will be released in January, but I am waiting to announce what this is. I’ve also been working hard with Mike Call and Eric Perlman to put together a huge spring film tour called the Stone Alliance Tour. We’re currently lining everything up, but be sure to watch for a show coming to a city near you!

I just got word that our short festival cut from SPRAY was is an “Official Selection” in the 2009 X-Dance Action Sports Film Festival! This is the last festival of the season for SPRAY and I’m proud to say it’s been selected for every festival we’ve entered it into. Pretty awesome being that this was our first year on the festival circuit! Over the past year, we’ve been selected for the Telluride Mountain Film, Taos Mountain Film Festival, Banff Mountain Film Festival, International Climbers Festival, and X-Dance! I’ll definitely be working on something for 09.


As most of you know, I spent a few weeks in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam last month with good friends Chris Lindner and Joe Brooks. We were exploring the bay for new rock to climb, shooting photos for a Climbing Magazine story, and filming for my new film The Players. I havne’t been able to share any of the good photos, as we have to keep them fresh and special for the magazine. Well, Chris has returned from the rest of his extended Asia trip and made a great post on his blog with some photos. Check it out HERE……





This year, we cut a special festival version of our latest release SPRAY. The short version of our film focused on Chris Lindner exploring the northern California coast looking for the next great rock climb. The film climaxes with Chris’ first ascent of Window of Opportunity!

We entered this festival cut into several of the major outdoor/mountain film festivals. These film festivals are great because it gives us an opportunity to share our films with an audience that would not typically see them. Earlier in the year, we were accepted into the Telluride Mountain Film Festival!

Just this weekend, we were featured in the Taos Mountain Film Festival. The ultimate goal was to be selected for the Banf Mountain Film Festival, which is the largest outdoor sports and lifestyle festival in the world! It’s been a goal of mine to be a part of this festival since I started making films 6 years ago! On Friday, I got word that we had been selected to be featured in the 2008 Banff Mountain Film Fest!!! The festival is November 1-9 in Banff, Canada. We unfortunately have obligations here in Colorado and won’t be able to attend, but I am honored and psyched to be a part of such an amazing festival!!!