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I am psyched to announce that BS Productions is now offering HD downloads of our latest films, via  We believe the video industry is moving towards an On Demand model, where more viewers will be downloading content for instant gratification.  You can now download The Players and Spray in about an hour, then view in full High Resolution! Download times will obviously vary depending on your connection.  I have downloaded the films in as little as 30 minutes!

We’re really excited about this new distribution platform and have priced the films competitively.  The Players is only $14.99 and Spray is $9.99.  All extras are available exclusively on the DVDs. For all of our international customers, there is no longer the extra cost and long wait to watch out films. Same goes for our domestic viewers too!  Download now and enjoy!!!



I was psyched to have an opportunity to feature Chris Sharma in our latest DVD release “The Players.” For the concept of the film to work, I knew I had to line up the true players in the sport of climbing. since there are so many badasses in our sport, I chose to focus on American climbers. Chris Sharma leads the pack by adding visionary new routes to every area he visits, as well as quickly repeating the area test pieces. Pick up your copy of the DVD today at

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Sharma’s segment of the film is set in the Southeast US, sport climbing on some of the best sandstone in the world.  First stop on his southeastern tour was the Red River Gorge in Kentucky. In my opinion, this is the premier sport climbing grag in the country. With high quality routes for every level climber and tons of undeveloped crags, it offers a lifetime of climbing. Seriously!

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Known for its enduro routes, recent development has changed this stigma. Every sport climber should plan a trip to The Red and definitely grab a pizza at Miguels while you’re at it!

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Chris had his eyes on some futuristic blank walls. The potential for new routes seems never ending. While Chris did not complete his projects, he did quickly complete the second ascent of Lucifer 5.14c on his second try!

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After The Red, the next stop was the breathtakingly beautiful New River Gorge in West Virginia. Chris was there to present a slideshow at the Deadpoint Magazine launch party, but made some time to check out the bullet sandstone too!

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Once again, first on Chris’ list was to check out a long standing project. This blank vertical wall climbs small crimps up bullet sandstone, much like the rock at Mt. Araplies or the Grampians in Australia. The route finishes with a crux dyno off a small crimp.After figuring out the move, Chris gave it one last attempt for the day, fell on the crux, and moves on to other routes. Since this was such a short trip, he wanted to make some time to check out other walls in the area too!

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After attempting the project and doing some onsighting, Chris eyed a 5.14 called Proper Soul originally put up by Chris Lindner. Sharma went for it onsight and effortlessly cruised to the top. Check out all the beautiful footage in The Players, available on DVD at for only $29.95.

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I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the music in The Players. We’re not releasing an official soundtrack CD, however, encouraging all of you to support the artists and buy your favorite tracks. I’ve always put a lot of effort towards assembling a killer soundtrack.  With The Players, we tracked down a bunch of unreleased tracks to bring a totally fresh sound to the film. Thanks to Chad Davis from Triple 9 Music and Bodie Johnson at Johnson & Kennemer for the music supervision.

I’m working on putting together an iMix on iTunes, including all the tracks that are available on iTunes. That’ll be posted on the blog soon. In the meantime, be sure to pick up a copy of the dvd HERE and hear all the music in the film! Here’s a list of the featured tracks…

“Evans Ballad” by The Shark That Ate My Friend (Unreleased)

“He Was Antarctica” by Computer vs. Banjo

“Everyday Should be a Costume Party” by Head Like a Kite

“Grind (feat. Moka Only)” by Swollen Members

“Latin Bounce” by Thesaurus Rex (Unreleased)

“Black Magic (feat. DJ Swamp)” by Swollen Members

“Track 3” by Josh Garrels (Unreleased)

“Danger is our Little Name” by Darren Franks (Unreleased)

“Eye Captain” by Darren Franks (Unreleased)

“Travellin” by Elle Dirty D Lux ft. M Dub

“Outer Space (Kalestro Remix)” by Computer vs Banjo

“Garrie” by The Life There Is

“No Ordinary Caveman” by Head Like a Kite

“The Riddle” by Random Rab

“18 Candles” by The Sessions

“Drum Drama Suite #1” by Thesaurus Rex (Unreleased)

“Toki’s Track” by Anthony Saviola (Unreleased)

“Brooklyn Lights” by Love Meets Lust

“For The Best” by Smooth Old Fashioned High

“Maniac” by Giovani Traversi (Unreleased)

“Transmissions from the Moon III” by Random Rab

“Chop Suey” by Thesaurus Rex (Unreleased)

“Signs” by The Sessions

“Home Again” by The Disco Biscuits

“The Players” by O-Dub (Unreleased)

I was psyched to partner with Evolve for the release of The Players. They have always been enthusiastic supporters of my work, so it was great to have them on board for this project.  Evolve has an innovative new product called Evolve XY and they were psyched to launch it with The Players. XY is basically Evolve’s customized shoe.  You can go to their website and design YOUR shoe from scratch. Select the colors for the upper, tounge, straps, logos, and mbroidery.  You can also customize the performance of the shoe.  Choose the heal and toe rand design you perfer, as well as the midsole and stiffness. Since Evolve is the only climbing shoe produced in the US, they’re able to make this happen! We put together this short commercial for XY, check it out! And be sure to STYLIZE YOUR SENDS!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

If you haven’t checked out O-Dub’s music, you’ve been missing out. Ever since he hit the climbing scene, he’s been shaking things up with his catchy, smooth, and sometimes contraversal music. His passion for climbing and devotion to his art definitely shows!  I had always wanted to incorperate O-dub’s music into my films. Last year, I used an O-Dub track called “Accept It” in Spray.  With The Players, I was really psyched to take it one step further and incorperate some original music into the soundtrack! O-Dub was psyched too! He quickly wrote, recorded, and mastered the movie’s theme song, which plays during the film’s credits. The song is all about the climbers featured in the film and what makes them “players”. Chris Sharma, Dave Graham, Daniel Woods, Lisa Rands, Emily Harrington, Chris Lindner, Alex Puccio, Joe Kinder, and Ethan Pringle! You can download the song for free HERE!

Stay tuned to Deadpoint Magazine for a brand new O-Dub track each month!

The time has come. The Players is my latest film, featuring all of the major players in American rock climbing. Chris Sharma, Dave Graham, Lisa Rands, Ethan Pringle, Emily Harrington, Daniel Woods, Joe Kinder, Alex Puccio, and Chris Lindner. Last week, I recieved the finished product from the replicator and shipped out all Pre-Orders. Marc Russo did an amazing job with all the packaging art work! What a great feeling to finally hold these DVD’s in my hands after two years of hard work!


To give everyone a better idea of what to expect in the film, I’ll be posting more trip reports, detailed segment stories, and clips in the next few weeks. Thanks again to the film sponsors Evolve, Smith Optics, Deadpoint Mag, The Spot, and Slopony Adventures. If you have not already, check out the trailer below or watch it on Vimeo in HD!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Check out the official trailer to our latest film The Players. Pre-ordering is now setup at Order today and SAVE 20%. We should have DVD’s in hand by May 26thand will be sending out all Pre-Orders first.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

We’re finally taking preorders for The Players over at  Order today and save 20%. All preorders will be the first to ship when we have DVD’s in stock around May 26.


Some of you may have seen a short segment from our new movie The Players during the Stone Alliance Film Tour. I’ve been hard at work fine tuning the full length film. The trailer should be wrapped up and online by Monday! The master should be shipped off to replication by the end of next week. Its all finally coming together and I am psyched to announce the World Premier event!!!

The Players will be the feature presentation at the Dirty South Climbers Film Fest in Atlanta, Ga on May 15th!  This event is a fundraiser to purchase a portion of the cliffline at Steele, Alabama. Come support a good cause and check out our latest climbing film!

Date: Friday, May 15th

Time: 7:00 to 11:00 pm

Location: Wall Crawlers Gym, 1522 DeKalb Ave NE, Atlanta, Ga

Phone: 404-906-0726