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We started shooting Daniel Woods’ segment of The Players in Boulder Canyon, Colorado. The plan was to shoot the whole segment in Boulder Canyon.  Daniel would repeat all the canyon’s hardest problems, plus attempt to send a long standing project! We were psyched, but the weather in Boulder was getting too warm for hard granite bouldering. After shooting for one day and nailing killer footage of Free Range v12, Daniel decided he wanted to head out to Southern Utah with the rest of his crew!

A few days later, I packed up my car and headed out there as well. You can see footage of all the action that went down in Southern Utah in The Players, now available on DVD at For now, here’s the footage of Daniel on Free Range that did not make the cut into the final film. Enjoy!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The second wallpaper in my series from The Players is of Joe Kinder on Ghostdance V6 at the Millenium Boulder in Colorado. This boulder problem was not featured in the film, however, its graphic nature worked well for the grafiti style DVD cover and artwork. The photo, originally shot for the cover of Urban Climber, was applied to the 3d brickwall by using a combination of techniques in Illustrator, Photoshop, and Maya. This gave us a full 3d model of the wall for the films opening motion graphics. We then could apply different lighting affects and see how it looked on the wall. Maya is a pretty amazing program. Thanks to Marc Russo for graphics skills! I’ve taken the films cover art and adapted it into a downloadable desktop wallpaper. More wallpapers coming soon!

Download the full res wallpaper HERE!

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We’re putting the finishing touches on our new film The Players.  I’ve been working on Alex Puccio’s segment all day and am really psyched on how it’s coming together! Alex continues to forge her own way and push the standards of female bouldering. I shot her on the first female ascent of Trice V12 at Flagstaff Mountain, Co.


Soon after, Alex headed down to Hueco Tanks in Texas for a short getaway. Our cameras were there to document this trip. Alex didn’t waste any time, giving really solid attempts at Slashface V13. Although she was unsuccessful this trip, she was able to do all the moves except for one. In only 30 min of working the problem!


On the last day of the trip, Alex decided she wanted to return to Power of Silence V10. She had tried this problem during her last trip to Hueco and came pretty close. After numerous attempts, it all came together! Be sure to check out all the action in our new movie The Players, coming to DVD this May.


It’s been a while since I updated the blog with some of my photo work that has been recently published. That is because I have been working non stop on my current video project, The Players. Here are a few images from the climbing world that have made it out to the public!

First is an image from my trip to Vietnam with Joe Brooks and Chris Lindner. We were boating around Ha Long Bay looking for new deep water soloing. Amazing experience! As far as media goes, I was shooting video for Chris Lindner’s segment of The Players and photos for a story in Climbing Mag. The editors were nice enough to let me license an image to National Geographic Adventure before their story came out.


Second is a portrait I shot of Boulder’s Christian Griffith. CG is the owner of Verve, a climbing and yoga apparel company. He’s also one of the pioneers of modern sport climbing in the US! We shot this very quickly outside Verve’s shop in Boulder, Co. I used two Alien Bee 800’s to light the portrait, one to Christian’s right and one to the left. Check out the mag on newsstands now for CG’s full interview !


A few months ago, Runner’s World called asking for some cold, winter images. There wasn’t much snow on the ground around Denver, but it sure was cold! My wife Lindsey and I headed out that weekend to shoot some running shots up in Evergreen. This photo ended up running as a spread in their January issue! I’ve always loved shooting trail running. The juxtaposition of beautiful athletic form in an amazing natural setting always works! You can check out the online version of the story, with more info about the Evergreen trails HERE.


This evening, we headed out to shoot Ethan Pringle attempting to do China Doll 5.14a in Boulder Canyon, Co. It started to get pretty dark, which made shooting really tough. Ethan managed to send right before all light was gone, and we captured the send for our new film The Players. Here’s a few stills that we pulled from the video. Good work Ethan! We’ll be shooting more with Ethan in the next few weeks, as he try to repeat some of the front range’s hardest trad lines!

Over the last few months, I spent some time working with Denver hip hop artists K-Nutty and QZ on a music video for their new song “In The Water Now.” They are an unsigned group, but extremely talented! I saw this project as an opportunity to work with some great artists and gain some valuable experience in a different genre. This being the first music video I have directed, there is definitely a lot that I can improve on next time. I learned a lot about the art of making music videos and I am psyched to get started on another project. I put the finishing touches on “In The Water Now” today and posted it up on YouTube. Check it out!

We shot for 5 days, spread out over the course of a month. One night we rented a big studio with huge white seamless walls to shoot the chorus section of the video. The rest was shot on location throughout Denver. Big thanks to The Loft for allowing us to shoot the club scene at their club! I’d also like to thank Lee Payne for all his hard work making this production come together. I’m looking forward to getting started on another music video soon!

I just did a shoot at Keystone Mountain in Colorado with a good friend and pro rider Brodie McNeil. We’ve been planning this shoot for months, but conflicting schedules have made things tough. After finally coordinating with Keystones PR people, Brodie, and myself, we had two days of shooting scheduled. I was psyched!

The day we were set to start shooting, a big spring storm rolled in. We decided to just go for it and hopefully use the weather to make some great images. When we got up to the mountain, we were informed that they were rebuilding the big jumps. Oh well, we’ll just have to be creative and work with what we have. After riding the lift up, we arrive at the park to find out that its closed because there were reports of thunder in the area. I decide that we should head down and shoot some portraits while we wait out the weather…

Brodie McNeil - Snowboarder

After banging out a few portraits, we head back up and get a short break in the weather. Moral of the story is, suffer for it! The snow was dumping and there was practically zero visability, but we pushed forward and got some killer shots!

Brodie McNeil goes big at Keystone, Co

I’ve been working with two Denver based Hip Hop artists recently. K-Nutty and QZ are new to the hiphop scene but have a ton of talent. Their music is a nice mix of rap and R&B. As emmerging artists, they are in the process of pitching themselves to several record companies. My job is to make sure they bring their A-game and present themselves in a professional way. In addition to the music video, we’ve been shooting promotional photos. Its been a great change of pace creatively. I think that once you stop progressing as an artist, you stop being an artist. We should be wrapping up shooting for the music vid this weekend, then we’ll probably have another week of editing to polish things up. I’ll be sure to post the video on here when its complete!

K-Nutty and QZ