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The time has come. The Players is my latest film, featuring all of the major players in American rock climbing. Chris Sharma, Dave Graham, Lisa Rands, Ethan Pringle, Emily Harrington, Daniel Woods, Joe Kinder, Alex Puccio, and Chris Lindner. Last week, I recieved the finished product from the replicator and shipped out all Pre-Orders. Marc Russo did an amazing job with all the packaging art work! What a great feeling to finally hold these DVD’s in my hands after two years of hard work!


To give everyone a better idea of what to expect in the film, I’ll be posting more trip reports, detailed segment stories, and clips in the next few weeks. Thanks again to the film sponsors Evolve, Smith Optics, Deadpoint Mag, The Spot, and Slopony Adventures. If you have not already, check out the trailer below or watch it on Vimeo in HD!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Check out the official trailer to our latest film The Players. Pre-ordering is now setup at Order today and SAVE 20%. We should have DVD’s in hand by May 26thand will be sending out all Pre-Orders first.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

We’re finally taking preorders for The Players over at  Order today and save 20%. All preorders will be the first to ship when we have DVD’s in stock around May 26.


Tonight’s the night! We’ll be kicking off the Stone Alliance Film Tour in Boulder, Co and Salt Lake City tonight. If you are nearby, check out the show. You won’t be disappointed. We’re showing 20 min segments from three brand new climbing movies, including Masters of Stone 6, Herakleia, and The Players. Here’s what you can expect from my segment of The Players on the tour…

1. Joe Kinder – Zulu (5.14a) and Kryptonite (5.14d)


2. Emily Harrington – 5.14 sport climbing in China


3. Chris Lindner – Deep Water Soloing in Vietnam


4. Alex Puccio – Trice (V12) on Flagstaff and attempting Slashface (V13) in Hueco


5. Ethan Pringle – Trad Climbing in the Flatirons and The Iron Monkey (5.14) in Eldo


This is just a taste of what you’ll find on the DVD, coming out this May. More climbs, more Players, more action! Additional “Players” you’ll see on the DVD include Dave Graham, Lisa Rands, and Daniel Woods.If you’re not in Boulder or SLC, check out the Stone Alliance Film Tour schedule for a show near you!!!

We just wrapped up shooting Ethan Pringle’s segment of The Players here in Colorado! Over the last month, Ethan tore through Colorado sending all the hard trad lines in his sights. We were there to shoot him on The Iron Monkey, 5 Year Plan, China Doll, and the Orangatan Overhang. I am really psyched to have the opportunity to showcase all these amazing trad lines in our new film!


We went out to the Orangatan Overhang on Ethan’s way to SLC, after he had actually first sent the route. This was the last route we were going to film and would round out the colection of routes we would feature in his segment of the movie. After climbing the crux about 8 times for photos, we started rolling our video cameras. It was the end of the day and Ethan was obviously exausted, but he managed to pull through and send the route again! Ethan seems to be stronger than ever and we’re looking forward to seeing what else he is able to accomplish this year!


The Players will be released on DVD in May and will be featured in a big film tour with several other producers this spring. More on this coming soon!

We were in Eldorado Canyon today shooting Ethan Pringle trying the Iron Monkey. This is the hardest trad route in Eldo, originally put up by Matt Segal several years ago. Graded at 5.14a, it’s a hard bouldery route that has yet to be repeated! Today was Ethan’s third day on the route and he had looked really strong in the previous two days. We headed up with our crew to film his efforts.

On Ethan’s first try of the day, he fell at the crux dyno and a piece popped. After taking a scary fall and basically decking, Ethan recharged for several more attempts. He decided to use a lightly bigger nut right before the crux. He continued to fall at the crux, but got closer each time. As the light faded and the day neared its end, Ethan suited up for one last go.

Success! He stuck the hold and smoothly continued to the top. This is only the second ascent the Iron Monkey has seen and Ethan agrees, “It’s hard!”. The Iron Monkey caps off Ethans streak of repeating Colorado’s hard trad lines. In the last month, he’s repeated the Orangutan Overhang (5.14-), The Iron Monkey (5.14-), The Five Year Plan (5.13+), Deadline (5.13+), and China Doll (5.14-). Look for some of these ascents to be featured in our new film The Players, coming Spring 2009! Big thanks to Wade David for coming out and helping us capture the Iron Monkey on film!

This evening, we headed out to shoot Ethan Pringle attempting to do China Doll 5.14a in Boulder Canyon, Co. It started to get pretty dark, which made shooting really tough. Ethan managed to send right before all light was gone, and we captured the send for our new film The Players. Here’s a few stills that we pulled from the video. Good work Ethan! We’ll be shooting more with Ethan in the next few weeks, as he try to repeat some of the front range’s hardest trad lines!