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Over the last few months, I spent some time working with Denver hip hop artists K-Nutty and QZ on a music video for their new song “In The Water Now.” They are an unsigned group, but extremely talented! I saw this project as an opportunity to work with some great artists and gain some valuable experience in a different genre. This being the first music video I have directed, there is definitely a lot that I can improve on next time. I learned a lot about the art of making music videos and I am psyched to get started on another project. I put the finishing touches on “In The Water Now” today and posted it up on YouTube. Check it out!

We shot for 5 days, spread out over the course of a month. One night we rented a big studio with huge white seamless walls to shoot the chorus section of the video. The rest was shot on location throughout Denver. Big thanks to The Loft for allowing us to shoot the club scene at their club! I’d also like to thank Lee Payne for all his hard work making this production come together. I’m looking forward to getting started on another music video soon!

I’ve been working with two Denver based Hip Hop artists recently. K-Nutty and QZ are new to the hiphop scene but have a ton of talent. Their music is a nice mix of rap and R&B. As emmerging artists, they are in the process of pitching themselves to several record companies. My job is to make sure they bring their A-game and present themselves in a professional way. In addition to the music video, we’ve been shooting promotional photos. Its been a great change of pace creatively. I think that once you stop progressing as an artist, you stop being an artist. We should be wrapping up shooting for the music vid this weekend, then we’ll probably have another week of editing to polish things up. I’ll be sure to post the video on here when its complete!

K-Nutty and QZ