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Loveland Pass is a location I’ve always kept in mind for a trailrunning shoot. Last fall, I headed back up to the pass with a model/friend and busted out a bunch of great running shots. By changing clothes, changing trails, and shooting both natural and artificial light, we were able to get several different looks out of 2 hours of shooting! My clients were psyched and two images have finally resurfaced in print.


Spyder needed to shoot some photos of their 2008 product late in th season. With almost all of the Colorado resorts closed for the season, we were limited to Arapahoe Basin and the backcountry. On day one, we decided to shoot at Loveland Pass. We lapped it several times throughout the day, getting some great action shots in a nice mountain setting.

We chose to shoot at A-basin on day two. There were still about 10 kids outfits to shoot, so this was a great set for the kids to play. Some of them were too young to ski, so we parked the shoot on the little kiddie hill. This turned out to be a great day with a great group of kids. I’d like to thank my assistant Andy, Brady, Grant, Kathy, Jeremy, and all the awesome kids that made these two days of shooting a huge success!