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I have returned from Hawaii and am now tan, engaged, and very relaxed. It feels awesome! I am trying to get caught up with all the work that pilled up while I was away, so I’ve been stuck behind a computer for the last few days. At least I have some sick trips to look forward to. Skiing in Chile. Climbing in Vietnam!

While in Hawaii, Lindsey and I got a chance to check out some really cool galleries in Lahaina. One of the most memorable was the paintings of Christial Lassen. I was not familiar with his work until seeing it in person in Hawaii. It blew me away! Very photo realistic, surreal, fantasy paintings.

To make this experience even cooler, Lassen was opening a new gallery right down the street this night and he was in person for the opening. We headed over to check it out. He’s lived in Hawaii his whole life and said his inspiration comes form his experiences living in Hawaii. Hawaii is a magical place, so I can definitely see how he is able to pre-visualize his work.

I am heading to Hawaii tomorrow. This will be a combination of vacation and work, where I’ll be spliting my time chilling on the beach and shooting a bunch of stock. I have several models booked and will mainly be shooting trail running images. I’ve never been to Hawaii, but it seems like a beautiful running landscape, so I’m psyched to make capture it! We will spend our 9 days on Maui. I’ll try to load some pics to the blog as soon as possible, but I’m not sure how much time I’ll be spending on the web. Stay tuned!