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The new Urban Climber Photo Annual just dropped and I’m psyched to have my shot of Chris Sierzant rockin the cover! I shot this about a year ago during a long weekend trip to the South. In three days, we shot portraits for the cover of the UC Interview Issue, filmed the first ascent of the Ebola Project for MVM, shot photos of The Orb at Rocktown, Apes on Acid at Castle Rock, and some bouldering at Little Rock City (The Stone Fort).  Chris is always great to work with, as he puts in the extra effort needed to take the product to the next level. Puck up your copy of UC today!


To get this shot, we headed out to Little Rock City in Tennessee at about 6am to catch the early morning light. The sun was actually only lighting the tree in the background. I used two AB800’s to light Chris and the boulder, adding warming gels to balance the colors. I wanted to incorperate that colorful tree in the background, so I shot with a fisheye lens to bend the tree and frame the boulder. It’s always been cool to see my work on covers, but a photo annual cover has always been a goal. Its an issue all about what I do, photography. So having my shot represent the whole issue gets me psyched! I can’t wait to check out the rest of the issue!

In an effort to push myself and create images outside my comfort zone, I’ve started to work on a series of black and white portraits. This is a personal project that I’m working on, for the sole purpose of challenging myself creatively. I’ve been working on the post processing quite a bit, toying with textures and experimenting with different B&W conversions. All of these shots were taken with a 50mm lens at f/1.8, to give them an extremely shallow depth of field.  Everything is coming together and I’m finally beginning to get the look I had envisioned. Please let me know what you think, as this is a work in progress and your feedback will only make the collective set of images stronger!






It’s been a while since I updated the blog with some of my photo work that has been recently published. That is because I have been working non stop on my current video project, The Players. Here are a few images from the climbing world that have made it out to the public!

First is an image from my trip to Vietnam with Joe Brooks and Chris Lindner. We were boating around Ha Long Bay looking for new deep water soloing. Amazing experience! As far as media goes, I was shooting video for Chris Lindner’s segment of The Players and photos for a story in Climbing Mag. The editors were nice enough to let me license an image to National Geographic Adventure before their story came out.


Second is a portrait I shot of Boulder’s Christian Griffith. CG is the owner of Verve, a climbing and yoga apparel company. He’s also one of the pioneers of modern sport climbing in the US! We shot this very quickly outside Verve’s shop in Boulder, Co. I used two Alien Bee 800’s to light the portrait, one to Christian’s right and one to the left. Check out the mag on newsstands now for CG’s full interview !


About a month ago, my wife and I took a trip to Europe, traveling through Southern France, Italy, Switzerland, and Paris. I was not working on this trip, but managed to stay creative. I’ve been working on my panoramas while traveling. Stitching 10 or 20 frames together creates a really unique look. In my opinion, it captures the feeling of being there, looking around, and taking it all in. I’m still working on perfecting the technique, but here are a few I like!




I have finally launched my new photo portfolio website over at Big thanks to Sander at Digijoi for the site design. Its great to finally showcase my photos in a visually pleasing, large format, and functional site. One great feature is that the images all resize automatically to the size of your window! Check it out, click around, and please let me know what you think!


I had planned to go climbing at Rocky Mountain National Park today, but I tweaked my knee a little bit 2 days ago at the climbing gym. So I am resting and letting it heal 100%. Today I set up a little studio shoot with my dogs. Lindsey and I always joke that it’s Kodak’s dream to be on the cover of a dog magazine, since he’s always such a good model. Roxy, on the other hand, never cooperates. Its pretty much impossible to get her to stand still! Here’s a shot that I am really psyched on!

In two weeks, I am heading down to Chile for a ski trip with my dad. Then I fly straight to Salt Lake City for the Outdoor Retailer Trade Show and to shoot the big climbing comp they have every year. In September, I am going to begin production of our new movie called The Players. The first trip will be to Vietnam with Chris Lindner. So don’t worry, there’s going to be a lot more action sports content on this blog soon…

I am heading to Hawaii tomorrow. This will be a combination of vacation and work, where I’ll be spliting my time chilling on the beach and shooting a bunch of stock. I have several models booked and will mainly be shooting trail running images. I’ve never been to Hawaii, but it seems like a beautiful running landscape, so I’m psyched to make capture it! We will spend our 9 days on Maui. I’ll try to load some pics to the blog as soon as possible, but I’m not sure how much time I’ll be spending on the web. Stay tuned!

I love cool viral marketing and Subaru has really nailed it with their Sexy Subaru site. Check it out at The site allows you to be a car photographer form your desk. Click around and take your pest shot. Look through your shots from the session. It allows you to send your favorite image to a friend or even enter it into the photo contest. Its a pretty fun and creative little site, but won’t be making me buy a Subaru anytime soon! Check out the best shot from my shoot…

I just did a shoot at Keystone Mountain in Colorado with a good friend and pro rider Brodie McNeil. We’ve been planning this shoot for months, but conflicting schedules have made things tough. After finally coordinating with Keystones PR people, Brodie, and myself, we had two days of shooting scheduled. I was psyched!

The day we were set to start shooting, a big spring storm rolled in. We decided to just go for it and hopefully use the weather to make some great images. When we got up to the mountain, we were informed that they were rebuilding the big jumps. Oh well, we’ll just have to be creative and work with what we have. After riding the lift up, we arrive at the park to find out that its closed because there were reports of thunder in the area. I decide that we should head down and shoot some portraits while we wait out the weather…

Brodie McNeil - Snowboarder

After banging out a few portraits, we head back up and get a short break in the weather. Moral of the story is, suffer for it! The snow was dumping and there was practically zero visability, but we pushed forward and got some killer shots!

Brodie McNeil goes big at Keystone, Co

Check out La Sportiva’s Website where several of my photos are being used. Check out their trail running shoes too, some of the best running/approach shoes I’ve ever had! We did a shoot last May in Eldorado Canyon with several of their athletes, shooting classic routes like The Web (5.13b) and Rainbow Wall (5.13a). Weather rolled in and it was raining by noon, so we really only had 5 hours to shoot. One of my favorite shots from the shoot is of Abbey Smith on The Web. Check it out below…

La Sportiva Webpage featuring Abbey Smith