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Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I have been real busy juggling several projects. There are two DVD projects in the works. One is The Players which is due out in May 09. The other will be released in January, but I am waiting to announce what this is. I’ve also been working hard with Mike Call and Eric Perlman to put together a huge spring film tour called the Stone Alliance Tour. We’re currently lining everything up, but be sure to watch for a show coming to a city near you!

I just got word that our short festival cut from SPRAY was is an “Official Selection” in the 2009 X-Dance Action Sports Film Festival! This is the last festival of the season for SPRAY and I’m proud to say it’s been selected for every festival we’ve entered it into. Pretty awesome being that this was our first year on the festival circuit! Over the past year, we’ve been selected for the Telluride Mountain Film, Taos Mountain Film Festival, Banff Mountain Film Festival, International Climbers Festival, and X-Dance! I’ll definitely be working on something for 09.