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We just returned from the Mountain Film Festival in Telluride. It was an honor to have SPRAY featured in the festival. Telluride is an awesome little mountain town and it seems like there is a great little community. Everyone knows everyone. And everyone comes out in support of the Mountain Film Fest! Every venue was packed and if you didn’t get there about an hour before showtime, you probably weren’t going to get in!

SPRAY was presented Saturday night as a part of the Adrenaline program. I was psyched to be there to introduce the film and answer any questions after we showed the film. Before the event kicked off, Lindsey and I found some time to do an awesome hike above Telluride. Great views and fresh air! This may have been the highlight of the trip, other than the SPRAY screening!

Before heading to the screening, we spent some time in town with some good friends who came out from Salt Lake for the festival. The movie looked amazing projected in full HD and everyone was psyched when Chris finally topped out on Window of Opportunity! The Adreniline program seemed to draw a much younger crown overall, which I was psyched on! They were serving beer, people were partying, having fun, and getting pumped up for the films!

All in all, the whole film festival experience was awesome! Its great to see so many people from all different demographics come out in support of outdoor adventure films, although Tom Cruise was no where in sight, maybe next year! I will definitely be entering SPRAY into several more festivals throughout the year. I’ll keep you posted. After a long drive and extremly expensive tanks of gas, I’m now back in Denver gearing up for one more ski shoot before all the snow melts!