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We were in Eldorado Canyon today shooting Ethan Pringle trying the Iron Monkey. This is the hardest trad route in Eldo, originally put up by Matt Segal several years ago. Graded at 5.14a, it’s a hard bouldery route that has yet to be repeated! Today was Ethan’s third day on the route and he had looked really strong in the previous two days. We headed up with our crew to film his efforts.

On Ethan’s first try of the day, he fell at the crux dyno and a piece popped. After taking a scary fall and basically decking, Ethan recharged for several more attempts. He decided to use a lightly bigger nut right before the crux. He continued to fall at the crux, but got closer each time. As the light faded and the day neared its end, Ethan suited up for one last go.

Success! He stuck the hold and smoothly continued to the top. This is only the second ascent the Iron Monkey has seen and Ethan agrees, “It’s hard!”. The Iron Monkey caps off Ethans streak of repeating Colorado’s hard trad lines. In the last month, he’s repeated the Orangutan Overhang (5.14-), The Iron Monkey (5.14-), The Five Year Plan (5.13+), Deadline (5.13+), and China Doll (5.14-). Look for some of these ascents to be featured in our new film The Players, coming Spring 2009! Big thanks to Wade David for coming out and helping us capture the Iron Monkey on film!