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I’ve always been someone who has placed great value in doing what you love. Those values guide my life and the people around me! I fell in love with rock climbing while living in the flatlands of Florida, climbing in a gym, and making long weekend trips up to the rocks in Northern Georgia and Tennessee. This passion lead me to attend school in Colorado, far from all the friends and family I had. It led me to take big risks and peruse a career in climbing photography and film making. Most importantly, it has led me to an extremely happy lifestyle! check out my good friend Sonnie Trotter’s blog for a very motivating and inspirational post called “I have a dream!” It will surely get you psyched!

I love cool viral marketing and Subaru has really nailed it with their Sexy Subaru site. Check it out at The site allows you to be a car photographer form your desk. Click around and take your pest shot. Look through your shots from the session. It allows you to send your favorite image to a friend or even enter it into the photo contest. Its a pretty fun and creative little site, but won’t be making me buy a Subaru anytime soon! Check out the best shot from my shoot…

I decided to postpone my earthday post a few days, so it wouldn’t get lost in all the earthday press that came out on the official day. Anyways, I was in Boulder, Co today meeting with some clients and having some video projects mastered to HDCAM tape. While killing time before a meeting, I stopped by the newly remodeled REI to check it out.

REI Boulder, Colorado

This store is the prototype for future REI stores and remodels, representing their new standard for sustainability and next generation of retailing. Props to REI for taking steps in the right direction! Check out to learn more.

We at BS Productions are doing our part to work towards a greener lifestyle. Our SPRAY DVD’s were produced on 100% recycled materials and all future DVD’s will be too.

Posting this little video came to mind as I am watching my Nuggets get killed by Kobe Bryant, Jack Nicholson, and the rest of the Lakers! This is viral marketing at its best. Nike put together this little video of Kobe jumping over a Aston Martin speeding at 50 mph! Sick. Obviously not real, but still fun to watch several times. The video has alreay had over 2.5 million views. Check it out for yourself…

I’m not sure if this is real or not, but it’ll still blow your mind. Thanks to Mike Call at Momentum Video Mag for sharing this with me. Check it out..

I’ve been following fashion photographer and star of America’s Next Top Model, Nigel Barker’s blog lately. He is working with the Humane Society of America as the spokesperson for the Protect the Seals campaign. Its pretty sad what people are doing to these animals, all for the sake of making a fashion statement. On our recent shoot in Aspen, we saw a great deal of furs. In my opinion, the sale of animal fur should not be legal. Check out Nigel’s video and you’re sure to agree with me. Please click HERE and do your part in Protecting the Seals…

Nigel Barker - Seal