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Its been a while since our last post, so I thought I’d put a nice clip from The Players out for your entertainment. Check out Dave Graham on the first ascent of The Island V15. Be sure to get your eyes on the rest of the Dave Graham action, plus Chris Sharma, Alex Puccio, Daniel Woods, and more. DVD’s are available internationally available at

Vodpod videos no longer available.

About a month ago, my wife and I took a trip to Europe, traveling through Southern France, Italy, Switzerland, and Paris. I was not working on this trip, but managed to stay creative. I’ve been working on my panoramas while traveling. Stitching 10 or 20 frames together creates a really unique look. In my opinion, it captures the feeling of being there, looking around, and taking it all in. I’m still working on perfecting the technique, but here are a few I like!




This is a photo of me from about 4 years ago, climbing Blocage Violent (7b+) in Ceuse, France. In my opinion, this is one of the best routes in the world. Definitely the best that I’ve climbed. Of course, I still have quite a bit of traveling to do before I can really be sure, but for now, its at the top of my list! Perfect blue streaks, slightly run out, and on the most amazing sport climbing cliff in the world! I can’t wait to make a trip back. The photo was taken by my good friend Chris Sierzant, who will be on the next Urban Climber cover (more on this coming soon).

Brian Solano, Blocage Violent, Ceuse, France